Data is Power

At Lingua Logica, we provide innovative, customized solutions that turn your data into the knowledge you need to make smart decisions. 

We all know that access to data is critical to acquiring information, and information is critical to making decisions.  But data isn’t useful unless it can be easily mined for the information it contains.  And in our data-laden world, finding the one needle of information you need in a massive haystack of data can be nearly impossible.  

Lingua Logica specializes in transforming data into knowledge with our end-to-end data transformation process.  We will work with your business  to create a solution that works for you.  We provide

  • Semantic analysis
  • Data federation and semantic mediation services
  • Enterprise ontology development
  • Information Systems Engineering and implementation
  • Semantic web services
  • Data discovery tools 
  • Training



Beth Huffer is the founder and President of Lingua Logica. She is a philosopher and a lover of logic, semantics, ontology and data. She has been working in the semantic technology field since 1998, when she joined the Cyc Project in Austin, Texas. Beth has worked on knowledge representation, formal logic modeling, and implementation of semantic technologies for U.S. Government agencies including the FAA, DOD, DHS, NASA, and NOAA, and in the private and academic sectors at Cyc, HIGHFLEET, Microsoft, and the University of Groningen, The Netherlands.  She has extensive experience in ontology-supported applications for semantic search, data analytics.